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Our Approach

We specialize in hand crafted hard cider, cider-style fruit wine, and mead.  The trees we planted in our orchard were selected specially for hard cider. This includes apple varieties like Roxbury Russet, Kingston Black, St. Martins, Hewes Crab, Harrison, Bulman's Norman, and Dabinett.  These cultivars, add a tremendous amount of complexity and richness to the ciders.   We have taking over management of an older orchard, that have allow us to add other apples to our hard ciders.  This apple varieties include Winesap, Cameo, Honeycrisp, Golden Delicious, and Macintosh.

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Our Story

Brother Monk Ciderworks came into existence in February 2017 by Dan and Joe Holoubek, after years of experimenting with home brewed beer, cider, and meads.  Joe and Dan had the idea of starting a winery that would specialize in craft hard cider, cider-style fruit wines, and mead.  So we spent two years looking for a location to start the new cidery. In the fall of 2016, we found a 24 acre farm on the eastern border of Indiana County, Pennsylvania. The land looked to be great for growing apple trees; so we acquired it. In the spring of 2017, with the help of family and friends, over 1,000 apple trees were planted, and the first hard ciders were produced in the summer of 2018.